BioCurious Projects

One of the most frequently asked questions at BioCurious is, “What are people working on?” We’re glad you asked. Ideas are always a-brew at BioCurious — ideas that sometimes turn into award-winning projects with global recognition. A few examples:

Community Projects

Our community projects are open to anyone (no membership required – just drop in!), and are driven entirely by whoever wants to show up and participate. This is a great opportunity to come check out BioCurious, and jump into some of the projects going on.

  • BioPrinterMeets every Thursday, 7:30-10pm. Hack an inkjet printer to lay out biological materials in whichever direction you want!


  • BioluminescenceCurrently on hold – looking for someone willing to lead! Illuminate your world by harnessing the power of nature. project wiki


  • Biolab Automation & Robotics – Getting carpal tunnel from pipetting? Be a part of the robotic uprising by making the robots work for you in the bio lab.


Other Projects

Members at BioCurious are working on a number of other projects as well. These projects typically do involve a lot of wetlab work, so you do need to be a member (and have taken our safety training) to participate.

  • Plant biology – design your own glow-in-the-dark plant!



  • Development of Synthetic Biology tools


  • BioArt

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