BioPrinter Community Project


Meets every Thursday, 7:30-10pm. Open to everyone!

Did you know you can print live cells from an inkjet printer? Bioprinting is printing with biological materials. Think of it as 3D printing, but with squishier ingredients! Companies like Organovo are developing ways to 3D print human tissues and organs. Check out this amazing TED talk by Anthony Atala, for example.

All this sounds incredible complex, but the basic technologies are so accessible that we wanted to play around with them ourselves – it’s all based on inkjet and/or 3D printing!

We’ve built our own functioning bioprinter from a couple of old CD drives, an inkjet cartridge, and an Arduino. Check out the progress we’ve made so far in our BioPrinter instructable:

8047589122_03a555c1a1_bWe probably won’t be printing human organs any time soon, but how about printing a leaf from plant cells? Or add a BlueRay laser to turn it into a miniature laser cutter to print “lab-on-a-chip” microfluidic devices. The possibilities are endless – it all depends where *you* want to take it!

This project has something for everyone, whether it’s hardware hacking. programming, Arduinos, microfluidics, synthetic biology, plant biology, cell culturing, tissue engineering – you name it! Everyone has something to learn, or something to teach.

Our community projects are open to anyone, and are driven entirely by whoever wants to show up and participate. This is a great opportunity to come check out BioCurious, and jump into some of the projects going on.

We’ll try to give a brief intro to the project at the start of the meeting for any new visitors. This is a hacking meeting, so bring your favorite tools: laptop, camera, etc.

Featured in:

DIY Bioprinter Lets Wannabe Scientists Build Structures From Living Cells” – Wired Design, 1/24/13

A DIY Bioprinter Is Born” – MIT Tech review, 2/20/13


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